The Adept Publishers company began in 2006 to help make authors dreams come true.

Adept Publishers is a dynamic company located in Washington, DC, the nation's capital and the heart of Washington politics and tourism.

We provide many author services from editing to printing. We provide personal attention to each author by giving 110%. If you are looking for an extraordinary company in an exciting city to publish your book, Adept Publishers is the place for you!

Let Adept Publishers meet all of your publishing needs.

Author Services

Adept Publishers provides the following author services:

• Copy editing and proofreading

• Book Layout and Design

• Review Copies

• Printing

• Publicity/Marketing

• Self-Publishing

• Cover Design

• Copyright

• ISBN registration

• Library of Congress Catalog Number (LCCN)

• Standard Address Number (SAN)


Last Date Update: April 16, 2015